Since 1980 Habo produces traditional solid parquet. In 2011 the production of two-layer parquet was also launched. The love for wood and an extensive awareness of quality have always been a constant in our company.

In our two sites in Genk and Weert we produce on average 250.000 m² of parquet per year.

Via our Belgian wholesale Holz Bois and our Dutch wholesale Albers we sell to professional fitters and carpenters. Furthermore our export to various European countries has been growing in recent years.

Habo has a stock of wood that covers about a year’s production and a stock of parquet floors of 4 to 6 months. These large stocks are essential to offer our professional clients a fast and flexible service.

Our continuous investments in modern and high-performance machinery and our compliance with the strict classifications contribute to Habo’s good reputation in the Benelux.

Together with our wholesalers Albers and Holz Bois we make up a close working team of 40 motivated and loyal employees.

Habo parket productie
Habo parket productie



The roots of our family business are situated in Lommel, where Peter Luykx founded a sawmill, a contracting and carpentry business in 1896. During the winter months the main activity was a traditional production of furniture.

The company Habo was founded in 1956 in Genk by his son Frans Luykx as an artisanal manufacture of style furniture and cabinetwork. Since the beginning of the ’80s grandson Jef Luykx gradually switched to the production of 9mm solid parquet.

This history is where we get our passion for solid wood and our experience with processing it from, as well as our eye for detail. Even today, we still rely on this knowledge to produce our Habo parquet floors.




Habo processes French oak that is bought directly from about 20 sawmills in France. The collaboration with these long-standing partners ensures a permanent quality.  

The targeted purchasing of high quality wood is the first step towards manufacturing a high end product. Equally crucial is the well controlled pre-drying and drying of the wood.

Our French oak parquet floors have always complied with the strict classifications used in the Benelux for solid oak lamparquet. Besides French oak our extensive range also includes a wide choice of exotic woods.

Habo hout parket



Habo is PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) certified. It is a worldwide forest certification system which provides assurance that forests are managed sustainably. In concrete terms, PEFC promotes a forest management which is respectful of the environment, socially beneficial and economically viable. The PEFC label found on timber products gives consumers the assurance that the wood used in those products originates in sustainably managed forests.

On average 30% of the energy we use in the Habo production comes from solar energy, generated by the solar panels we have installed on our production halls.